Monday, June 29, 2009

The return of the class...T_T

Tmr marks the end of my stay in penang for this holiday. Hopefully will have a safe trip back. It was a wonderful holiday. Had so much fun with all my gang as well as meeting up with all good frends from matric, from secondary school, and also from primary school. Learn so much snooker from master pink.(LOLZ). Pool, bowling, snooker, rose, dota, yamcha and other outing activities has been so enjoyable and became part of my life. Have to say goodbye to them all. As well as cipong, lulu, gab, WJ, Dar. Orange , i will see u bc in the campus soon. muahahaha...

Highlight of this holiday was the apartment stay. Enjoyed the games and the booze. Hope can do it again soon. And also, the primary school gathering after such a long time. The last one shld b at least 3-4 years ago edi. Miss all of you!!!

Too bad all well doesnt necessarily ends well. The ending was kinda anticlimatic as some incident occurred with bad moods all over.(not me!) Hope you guys will feel better la tmr! Smile and be happy! You only go through life once you noe? so enjoy!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sometimes, some people are just very depressed that they face a snag in their lives. From trouble in studying, family, relationships and maybe work. When the face problems, they end up unmotivated, uninspired and nonfunctional.

Problems in our everyday live is so common. We should be used to it, as we all grow from each of the problem we encounter. These are the experience that shape our personality.

Face problems without fever. Take each step in your stride. There is nothing that cant be solved. Optimism rulez!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

When you are not thinking right...

Our mind and actions are one. When a person doesn't think straight, he acts peculiarly. That's why, drunk people talk and do things that aren't themselves. Drunken person doesn't think, they just do what they want. In normal circumstances, we are just able to control our desire and our passion for things. Once the control is gone, its like releasing the chain of a mad dog and letting it round around- you end up hurting people and yourself.

We suppress our desire especially the 7 sins("Lust", "Gluttony", "Greed", "Sloth", "Wrath", "Envy", and "Pride".), at least when people are around i guess. But sometimes, unconsciously, we do let loose this feelings. Although this are so called 'sins', but these are also the things that makes us human, emotional and imperfect. Nevertheless, without these feelings, one would be no more than a machine.

Dreams are a form of our thinking when we are deep in our sleep. In this condition, you let loose of all the desires, all your hopes. In your dreams, what you deeply, secretly desire will come out clearly. In some instance, dreams depicts what is troubling you or what you are thinking of a lot also. Sometimes, only after your dream will you be aware of what you really care about...

Lately, I have been having odd dreams, which itself is very odd as I almost never dream. Dreams itself reminded my of some things which I know I tried to suppress, tried to hide from myself. But unfortunately, sometimes, we are just so vulnerable from our own minds...
Cherish what you have, live life to the fullest, and stay optimistic. Its easier said than done. But well, that's life. You gotta do what you gotta do.lolz

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

£80million man

This is a guy worth £80million. Unbelievable... Yes, he is fantastic. But, £80million for one person? That's an obscene price tag for any one man especially under the current economical state. MOST of us won't even see £1million in our checkbooks for our whole live and this guy cost that much. Imagine that. I think I wouldn't even worth Rm100 if I was put on market. >.<
Anyway, this is the compilation of his goals taken from youtube. Adios seniur ronaldo!

D Day

Hohoho...its finally THE DAY. Tonight, its going to be Transformer night.*drooling* All the robots and megan fox. Really can't wait for it. I think its going to be an anxious wait and I'll be pacing up and down in my living room for the rest of the day...

Autobots versus the decepticons...who will win I wonder? Nah, no nid to wonder, good always win against evil, its just a matter of how they win and the price they pay...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


今天,下午和贤智一起吃午餐,聊了好多好多,令我想起了在Matric里的点点滴滴。在那里, 有好多快乐的时候,但也有一些令人感到不太舒服的回忆。然而,实在是很怀念和朋友一起读书准备考试,一起outing到PMC,一起去买衣服,一起去lab去上课的日子。Matric时期,也应该是我最长到图书馆的一段日子。那时,一方面要和朋友讨论功课,一方面是应为沉迷于Utopia(只有图书馆由电脑可以上网)。H4里留下了好多好多。朋友也好久没见面了,不知道大家都怎样了呢?

Life as it is

Lately, my daily schedule has been quite routine. Wake up and have breakfast with dad, send him to work, then come how and on my computer(before this I had to go for elective first, but, now its done...), then have lunch with friends, either yikoko and gang or friends who I haven't meet for a long time. Then, in the afternoon, it will be purely sitting in front of computer(games or blogging). Fetch dad at 530pm then nite time, outing with Darien, Yikoko, Pong, Lulu and WJ.

I'm so used to it that I've been hoping that this will be permanent. Lolz. But, hopes and reality are so very different. In a few days time, I might be tossed back into the depths of my books back in Kubang Kerian, with a tormenting time up ahead. Sometimes I wonder, isn't life so wonderful like this? with a job from 8am to 5pm, then outing every nite for food, for pool, for bowling or just stay at home for a few games of DOTA. Rather than that, I will get a 7 days job which has extended duration of working hours, with a pay that people THINKS is high.(its just not worth the effort) Yikes, what have I gotten myself into?! This is bad.

Lolz. Nothing much I can do now. Better enjoy while I can, I have no intention of regreting what I did not do in the future. As for what I have done... ahaha. ~boh huat liao~ Have to take it in my stride. One step at a time. Maybe I will learn to enjoy work and responsibility later in life. haha. Obviously, my mind set has not mature a bit >.<

Love is blind...

Everyone has love,
no matter how good or how evil one can be,
there is always presence of love...

Love towards money $_$
Love towards work...(siao~)
Love towards doing something...
And not to forget, Love towards someone...

They say love is blind
How so, you might ask...

When you love someone,
your whole world revolves around her.
You are only able to see her,
not as a whole, but only the best of her.
You think of nothing but of her,
waiting for messages, emails,
any bits and pieces of news on her,
Nothing is important to you anymore than her,
apart from her well being and her mood.
her sorrow makes you lose your appetite,
her happiness makes you smile.
You are lost in her world,
as you have lost you sight.

So, love IS blind,
ain't it?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Cabal Dance!! XD

Lol...wonder if you all still remember the cabal dance when we were playing the game. We have been trying to sync it a few times already. These guys did it perfectly, and the girls even more XD

A not so routine morning...

Today is the last day where I can actually go to the Penang GH for attachment. I had planned to go originally, in order to sooth my guilt. But, in the end, I waked up quite late and decided to just send my dad to work and come home rotting in from of my computer. Rather than went to the usual spot for breakfast, today, I went to SS for breakfast. On the way home, I was listening to FLY FM. I am not sure why, but an answer seemed to have made me extremely excited. Palpitation ensued. I stopped by the road side and picked up my handphone...and called the radio station, only to have an anticlimatic ending... 'tu tu tu tu' was the only sound I heard. Well, its just my first attempt on calling the radio station. Maybe better luck on Monday, since the prize money is so nearly 20k in cash. So damn tempting. The idea of winning that enormous prize money just seemed to light up the day...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Moving on

Weeeeee.... My elective posting is officially over! From today onwards, its a true blue holiday. woohoo!! But... for 1 week only, then have to go back to KB already...OMG! Why?!!!!

The new semester is going to start real soon. Normally, after such a long holiday, I would be extremely excited to see the beginning of the new semester. But this time, the holiday is too enjoyable that I hope it doesn't end... The weekly pool session, bowling, yam cha(especially cendui!!!), dota, ROSE, movie days and the apartment stay. Its considered a quite eventful holiday for me even though I did not leave Penang too much. (just the once to Kampar...lolz) Its so nice to spend all the times with a whole gang of friends! Really will terribly, extremely, unbelivably, infinitely miss u guys when i go back! T_T

Returning to campus will mean that I have 9 more months left before my Professional exams in April. Its really nothing to be anticipated. The only good thing is that, it means I'm gonna be out of KB after 10 more months. Weeeeeee....


Hey, transformers time table out already by GSC... Here is the Queensbay Mall Time table. Faster decide on what time to go and I'll go and get the tickets as soon as it is available!!!

Cinema:GSC QUEENSBAY, PENANG (Phone Reservation : 04-2223456)
Date:Tue 23 Jun 2009
Available:Tue 23 Jun | Wed 24 Jun
05:00 PM 05:00 PM 06:00 PM 06:00 PM 07:50 PM 07:50 PM
09:00 PM 09:00 PM 11:30 PM 11:30 PM 12:00 AM 12:00 AM
12:00 AM
05:00 PM 05:00 PM 06:00 PM 06:00 PM 07:50 PM 07:50 PM
09:00 PM 09:00 PM 11:30 PM 11:30 PM 12:00 AM 12:00 AM
12:00 AM

Cinema:GSC QUEENSBAY, PENANG (Phone Reservation : 04-2223456)
Date:Wed 24 Jun 2009
Available:Tue 23 Jun | Wed 24 Jun
11:30 AM 11:30 AM 12:00 PM 12:00 PM 02:30 PM 02:30 PM
03:00 PM 03:00 PM 05:30 PM 05:30 PM 06:00 PM 06:00 PM
08:30 PM 08:30 PM 09:00 PM 11:30 PM 11:30 PM 11:30 PM
12:00 AM 12:00 AM 12:00 AM
11:30 AM 11:30 AM 12:00 PM 12:00 PM 02:30 PM 02:30 PM
03:00 PM 03:00 PM 05:30 PM 05:30 PM 06:00 PM 06:00 PM
08:30 PM 08:30 PM 09:00 PM 11:30 PM 11:30 PM 11:30 PM
12:00 AM 12:00 AM 12:00 AM

P/S: There is also going to be a Transformer event at QBM on the 26th to 28th of JUNE. For more details, visit here- Queensbay Mall Revenge of the Fallen Expo. Courtesy of CCL^^

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Science and religion

Science and religion, this are 2 totally different elements of life. People around us, sometimes are quite extreme over these issues. Some think that religion should be our guide in life, helping us to decide what can and can't we do. Some think that religion irrelevant and science is the only thing what is important in these modern days, thus giving birth to the free thinkers.

In my opinion, all religions have one common goal, which is to guide us in the way of our living and to teach us how to be a good person. In truth, everyone thinks that being a good person is very important. However, what kind of a person is a 'good person'? A man with passion in everything he does? A man who donates every cents that he has ever earn for a better world? A man who sacrifice himself for an evil deed for the greater good? There is no real guidance on this issues. However, from the religion's teachings, I believe that there are teachings touching on these topics. Furthermore, most of the religions originated from a person, who are thought to holy and has all the good moral values and has made sacrifices. Also, I think that religion only came about when science was not that advance then, as a lot of phenomena which were not explained by science were largely credited to religion.

Being a person who is passionate to his/her religion is not a bad thing. Nevertheless, total devotion to God is still a very questionable act to me. I do not quite understand why would a person want to do that yet. Extreme devotion sometimes will cause a person to be distance with their loved ones as they can't understand the reason of the actions. Sometimes, the actions are just slightly over the line.

A few days ago, there was a discussion group on issues regarding Christianity. Although I have not gone to that particular discussion, but it reminded me of my previous discussion with my mum's friend who hasn't come over for bible discussion since she went back to UK. Questions like is there God? If there is, how come he doesn't show himself? If he takes care of all his believers, why are there still Christians suffering from ill fortunes? These questions has been ask again and again, but there were never answers good enough to satisfy me. Whenever I say this, my friends will say, 'come to church with us and you might find your answers there'. I will just answer them with the answer that suits their thinking best, ' nah, maybe its not time yet for me to get my answers' LOL

Science on the other hand, feels more practical to me. People have been trying to explain every single phenomena available. From the smallest viruses to the space which is so enormous and so far 'boundaryless'. Science have time and again proven that certain teachings in the religions are not accurate, which resulted in certain disputes. But, to me, it is more relevant to us. Wonder what do you all think?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Curry Chicken Bun

Yesterday, as my sister couldn't get a ticket back to Kampar, our whole family had to send her back by car. It was around a 200km drive from Penang to her campus. While we were there, we went to visit a local shop for one of the local products-面包鸡, for me I would call it curry chicken BREAD instead of the curry chicken bun that we can easily get in the dairy stores.
This is the shop that sells the famous curry chicken bread...

This is the shop from inside outside and outside in.LOLZ. actually, they still hv another unit at the side which i accidentally left out...
Apart from the curry chicken bread, they also sell all sorts of biscuits that are popular locally.

Their way of advertising...

And here is the long awaited curry chicken bun!!!

This is how it looks after bringing it out from the box.
Weeeee, open liao.... inside got curry chicken with potatoes and all the curry 'ciap'. Very nice man, if got chance really have to go and try it out!

Here comes the hostel issues again...Lolz.

Here's what I got from my friend's facebook comments.

LYY New Nurani motto: Take your key..shut up..and leave..

Jackson: then they makan gaji buta
Jackson: I wonder whether this hv smthg to do wif the notorious kak syikin
Tan: huh?? how come??
Winnie: but i heard change to pn sauwana dy, rite? what happen ooo? i was kicked to block B, btw... T-T
Jackson: i heard kak syikin got promoted to HEP admin d.
Tan: dun feel like goin bec usm d =( torturing.....
LYY: Rule num 1: Kenot change rm..
Rule num 2: Kenot choose rm mate..
Rule num 3: Kenot ask who is your rm mate.. Juz wait to be surprised..
Jackson: I bet usmkk hostel admin most probably enjoy & laughing if they c this.
Tan: two words : bian tai 变态
Winnie: who is the rmate also can't ask? siao de...
LYY: Oh yeah.. forgot most important
rule num 4: Top priority for single rm to 5th yr repeat students..
I quote them saying 'Kalo nak confirm dapat single rm senang, u fail tahun 5 u la.. haha'
I think their merit system is like this:...

Fail tahun 5: 100 point(terus dpt bilik)
Sukad pingat emas: 10 point
Pass exam: -10 point (Dah pandai sangat x perlu stay hostel)

Winnie: like that also can??? usm is getting crazier & crazier day by day... i really hate to go back..
Leong: hey...dat motto seems familiar ler...datz how murni ppl get shooed off in the previous years wif kak syikin in the murni office....
Mel: murni has always enforce the first 3 rules. but rule 4 is sooo awesome. positive reinforcement/ reward ppl to fail

Then there are some of the comments which are too long, i juz take the interesting ones...haha

LYY Oh.. worst nurani management ever!

LYY: Definitely.. No changing rooms.. Not only that.. No choosing roommates.. Even if both got double rooms.. Juz take watever room we are given n shut up.. omg..
Mong: wow....even d al mighty yy oso powerless.....seems lik 'toleransi bukan demonstrasi' is totally irrelavent....
LYY: Haha.. 'demonstrasi' also useless la.. They juz DUN CARE..
Jackson: yes, they dun satisfied wif how bad they did last yr. claimed to made a new record. well done, i'm so proud!
Yong: murni has been practicing that policy all this while la.. u all just got lucky last time only :P
Jackson: omg, this is so stupid. i wonder y hostel management wanna be this stupid ah? to show & prove tat they r actually stupider than how they look?
Mong: if u can persuade tuan haji then it would be overheard single rooms given 2 5th year tat true?
LYY: Ah Mong.. Yeah wat u heard is true.. Apparently those who is doing remedial have more 'merit' to the desa.. so they all will get single room.. And tuan haji is supporting this new idea of 'take your room key, shaddap and leave'.. Apparently they dont even allow us to know who our rm mate is.. I quote: ' Tak payah tau siapa rm mate.. ofis ni untuk amik kunci bilik sahaja'... Jackson.. regarding tukar suka sama suka im not sure la.. But there is a case where there's this guy who doesnt want to stay in his room.. So he let his fren who got TenTen to stay in his room.. Then the almighty puan salwana somehow found out abt it and force the guy to sleep in surau even though the no one uses the bed.. She said protocol is protocol.. The bed is for the 1st guy and not the 2nd guy.. If the 1st guy dun wan then let it remain empty.. can u bliv dat??
Jackson: omg, wat the heck?!!! She is super stupid to stick to the rule like that, wat a brainless fat lady. I duno y after given apex status, usmkk react more anti their own students, esp hostel admin. this is outrageous!
LYY: Apparently they want to be more professional.. So.. to achieve that they think that when they r less friendly.. they r more professional
Jackson: lol. confirmed stupid.

Weeeeee, now its looking so 'good' to go back. Confirm ciak lat...

'Happy' die

weeee, the new semester timetable is out already. After checking it, I noticed that I have a total of 2 weeks holiday for next semester. And also , my senior just told me recently that during housemenship, we will be working for 7 days a week. weeeeeeeeeee, what a wonderful life....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A game called 'real life'

I believe most of us likes to play computer games, especially role playing games. This is because, in role playing games, we feel more in control and whatever we do might affect the outcome of the game. We might be a hero and save the day, we might be the most notorious villain who killed all the innocents(who would want to be that?If its you, please see a psychiatrist), we might be the dictator who conquer the whole world. The more realistic the game is, the higher chance of it becoming a top-seller. So, I want to introduce you all to a new game. The new game is our real life.

Genre: RRPG(real-life role playing game)
Publisher: Papa mama entertainments Developer: Papa Mama Entertainments
Release Date:The Day You were Born
Age: Present day
Reality Factor: Reality
Type: Action,Romance,Fiction(up to you to decide)
This is as realistic as it gets. You go to jail if you do a crime, you get rewards for doing good deeds, and you die if you are old or sick. And best of all, it goes on and on and on...for your whole life! lolz

Saturday, June 13, 2009

RM1,800 stashed in beggar's panties

ALOR STAR: When state Immigration Department officers detained a Myanmar woman found begging on the streets here on Sunday, they were in for a shock.

She was found to have RM1,800 cash hidden in her bra and panties.

It is believed the woman had collected the money in a week of begging in the city.

The woman, in her 40s, was detained in a three-hour crackdown on vagrants and beggars, which started at 9am, near the popular Pekan Rabu market.

State Immigration director Zulfikar Ahmad said the woman did not have valid travel documents and did not try to flee when approached by officers because she thought they wanted to give her money.
Zulfikar said the woman was sent to Belantik Immigration detention centre in Sik.

Thirty-three illegal immigrants from Indonesia and Bangladesh were detained by the department in another operation here on Sunday night.

"We have identified several locations in the city that the illegal immigrants frequent. We will take action soon. Those detained will be sent to Belantik."

Haha...seems like even beggars are richer than I am. Everywhere we go, no matter food courts or tourist spots, as long as there are lots of people, we will definitely see beggars around. For me, everytime they ask for money i will just shake my head and walk away. Especially with those people who seems to be find and healthy and aren't disabled. I actually feel kinda disgusted with these people, not because of them being dirty or what, but its their attitude that disgusts me. Even people who are disabled try their best to be independant, to earn themselves and living. But these people, they try to gain something from doing nothing. Its kinda pityful. And after seeing this news report from the NST, I seriously thinking that there can be a course for the beggars and make it into a profession...bachelor degree of beggarary...swt

Topic: Amenorrhea

Amenorrhea refers to the absence of menstruation either one or more missed menstrual periods. Basically, there are 2 types, primary and secondary amenorrhea. Primary amenorrhea refers to no menstrual periods by age 16. Secondary amenorrhea occurs when you were previously menstruating, but then stopped having periods. If you're sexually active and otherwise healthy, pregnancy is the most likely reason you've missed a period. The menstruation cycle delay of 2-3 days is normal for most of the women.

Amenorrhea is a sign, not a disease, and seldom results from a serious condition. However, not knowing why menstruation has stopped can be stressful. But once you and your doctor get to the root of the problem, treatment of the underlying condition often resolves amenorrhea.

Reasons for delayed menstruation

There are several reasons for delay in menstruation cycle. Have a quick look at some of the common causes.

  • Overstress

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Imbalanced diet

  • Weight loss

  • Thyroid diseases

  • Obesity

  • Depression

  • Ovulation deficiency

  • Polycystic ovarian diseases

Coping with delayed menstruation

Avoiding delayed menstruation depends totally on the condition of your body. Your body takes time to adjust to the changes so it causes delay in menstruation. You should try to understand the needs of your body first. The most important thing is that you should have a balanced diet.

Delayed menstruation can also be caused when you make certain changes in your daily routine. This can involve heavy exercise or adopting a diet plan. You should give some time to your body to adapt to these changes instead of going for medication in the initial stage. All you need is patience.

If your menstruation cycle is delayed for three months you should consult your physician. It is more advisable that you treat your delayed menstruation period through Ayurvedic remedies. Avoid taking medicines without doctor's prescription for preventing complications. Staying healthy and fit is the best remedy for avoiding all the menstruation problems.

Any problems just ask ahead...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Be friends with the environment...

Here is a video clip that my friend created to create awareness of our environment problems. Any feed back can share with him at-

And this is for lulu, enjoy ur meal...weeeeeeee.....
Roasted roaches for everyone!!!!

WHO phase of pandemic alert

What is pandemic? According to the dictionary, it is a widespread epidemic of a disease.
Then what is epidemic? In epidemiology, an epidemic (from Greek epi- upon + demos people) occurs when new cases of a certain disease occur in a given human population, during a given period, substantially exceed what is "expected," based on recent experience (the number of new cases in the population during a specified period of time is called the "incidence rate"). (An epizootic is the analogous circumstance within an animal population.) In recent usages, the disease is not required to be communicable; examples include cancer or heart disease.(wikipedia)

Ok, so let me explain. When the number of cases of a particular disease increase to a number more than expected of a population, it becomes an epidemic. As for pandemic, it occurs in a large area, either in the whole nation of worldwide involvement.
Pandemic preparedness
In the 2009 revision of the phase descriptions, WHO has retained the use of a six-phased approach for easy incorporation of new recommendations and approaches into existing national preparedness and response plans. The grouping and description of pandemic phases have been revised to make them easier to understand, more precise, and based upon observable phenomena. Phases 1–3 correlate with preparedness, including capacity development and response planning activities, while Phases 4–6 clearly signal the need for response and mitigation efforts. Furthermore, periods after the first pandemic wave are elaborated to facilitate post pandemic recovery activities.
In nature, influenza viruses circulate continuously among animals, especially birds. Even though such viruses might theoretically develop into pandemic viruses, in Phase 1 no viruses circulating among animals have been reported to cause infections in humans.
In Phase 2 an animal influenza virus circulating among domesticated or wild animals is known to have caused infection in humans, and is therefore considered a potential pandemic threat.
In Phase 3, an animal or human-animal influenza reassortant virus has caused sporadic cases or small clusters of disease in people, but has not resulted in human-to-human transmission sufficient to sustain community-level outbreaks. Limited human-to-human transmission may occur under some circumstances, for example, when there is close contact between an infected person and an unprotected caregiver. However, limited transmission under such restricted circumstances does not indicate that the virus has gained the level of transmissibility among humans necessary to cause a pandemic.
Phase 4 is characterized by verified human-to-human transmission of an animal or human-animal influenza reassortant virus able to cause “community-level outbreaks.” The ability to cause sustained disease outbreaks in a community marks a significant upwards shift in the risk for a pandemic. Any country that suspects or has verified such an event should urgently consult with WHO so that the situation can be jointly assessed and a decision made by the affected country if implementation of a rapid pandemic containment operation is warranted. Phase 4 indicates a significant increase in risk of a pandemic but does not necessarily mean that a pandemic is a forgone conclusion.
Phase 5 is characterized by human-to-human spread of the virus into at least two countries in one WHO region. While most countries will not be affected at this stage, the declaration of Phase 5 is a strong signal that a pandemic is imminent and that the time to finalize the organization, communication, and implementation of the planned mitigation measures is short.
Phase 6, the pandemic phase, is characterized by community level outbreaks in at least one other country in a different WHO region in addition to the criteria defined in Phase 5. Designation of this phase will indicate that a global pandemic is under way.
During the post-peak period, pandemic disease levels in most countries with adequate surveillance will have dropped below peak observed levels. The post-peak period signifies that pandemic activity appears to be decreasing; however, it is uncertain if additional waves will occur and countries will need to be prepared for a second wave.
Previous pandemics have been characterized by waves of activity spread over months. Once the level of disease activity drops, a critical communications task will be to balance this information with the possibility of another wave. Pandemic waves can be separated by months and an immediate “at-ease” signal may be premature.
In the post-pandemic period, influenza disease activity will have returned to levels normally seen for seasonal influenza. It is expected that the pandemic virus will behave as a seasonal influenza A virus. At this stage, it is important to maintain surveillance and update pandemic preparedness and response plans accordingly. An intensive phase of recovery and evaluation may be required.

Basically this is what is happening without our A Flu...
You can have a look at the original text here

Something interesting for u guys...

Ok, since I am kinda free and have no idea what topic I wana revise, I'm gonna give you all the chance to ask questions. Give me something related medically and I will make everything regarding it into a post. EG; backpain- I will list what are the risk factors to how is the treament done. First come first serve. I will do one by one...If there is any.lolz


Today, on the way to work, heard one quiz on FLY FM. The answer worths a staggering RM18700... Imagine that. Just give one answer and weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, we have nearly 20k to spend. Gonna spend my whole weekend to find it. If I cn't find it, i will die trying...>.<
The question is, what does Malaysia have the 3rd highest number of? Get the answer and get the 20k plz...its stuck there for quite sometime already.haha



Decipher this By NN

Double Playfair : UE IK CP OA NL SY IJ NC DJ PS
1st one is MarcoPolo
second is AlphaOmega

keyword: Yikoko the man

let the game begin!


seeing this photo made me realise a few things...
1. 2nd year and 3rd year was the best year in USM.
2.I used to be better looking.....>.<
3.Now I am damn FAT @@

Thursday, June 11, 2009


OMG, finally, after excessive periods of play and very little rest, I am SICK!!!
Now have to deal with running nose, headache and maybe a pending fever. >.<
Haha. Wonder if i wana go to the elective tmr. Its getting closer and closer to the new semester already. Still not sure if I will b going back to campus early or not. Really feel sien thinking about it.

Achilles heels...

Achilles, the greatest warrior of the Trojan war,
Brave, cunning and skillful in battle.
Killed everyone before him,
conquered every city that he reached.
Nevertheless, every heroes has their fall.
With an arrow from Paris,
the brave almighty Achilles fell.
No matter how good you are,
how exceptional you are,
there will be something that is beyond you.
No matter how tough one looks on the outside,
people are vulnerable on the inside.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A bizarre happening...

Yesterday was the first time when I step into the police station near my house. U muz b curious what had happened to me. haha. NO, I did not shoplift. It was a joke that I was there due to shoplifting k?lolz. Anyway, the reason I was there was to accompany my frend little turtle to make a police report as he got a phone call saying he owe an amount of money to Celcom due to phone bills that were unpaid. However, the bizarre thing was, HE NEVER HAD A CELCOM NUMBER!!!

This was the photostat copy that we obtained from Celcom, stating the number of the phone as well as the particular of THE PERSON who subscribed for the number. Obviously, there is a lot of fake IDs and infos there including mother's name and also the address. And apparently, u dun nid to be there to subscribe a line as a FREND is enuf to help u do it.

This was the list of things needed in order to prove that Turtle here did not subscribed for the number. A police report, a birth certificate, any bill(electrical, water) from his home(to prove his address is not the one stated in the Celcom form) and a surat sumpah...

On this piece of paper is the phone numbers that was subscribed. The guy responsible for tis is unbelivably greedy, subscribing for 6 numbers in total...

This is the police report that we got. When we were making the report, the police officer really disappointed me. We asked if there will be any investigations done for this situation, and you know, the answer really really ruin the day...

Here is the dialogue between us:
A:So, akan apa-apa penyiasatan dibuat untuk kes ini?
Police: Penyiasatan? Nak siasat apa? Laporan ini untuk Celcom kan?
A:oo, maksud saya, akan tak penyiasatan dibuat untuk mencari orang yang bertanggungjawab untuk mendaftar nombor-nombor ini?
P:Aiya, kes macam ini biasa la. Tadi sudah ada satu. Kes ini memang biasa saja. Bukan u seorang yang kena saja.
A:Jadi lepas ini tak kan ada apa-apa penyiasatan?
P:Kalau u mau penyiasatan dilakukan, saya tak buat laporan ini dah. Saya perlu refer kamu kepada Jabatan lain dan kamu kena beri keterangan yang lebih lanjut. Ini makan banyak masa tau? Aiya, banyak orang yang kena kes-kes macam ini la. Sudah ada beberapa ribu kes dah...
A:Semua dari Celcom?
P:Taklah. Celcom, Maxis, Digi semua pun ada. Biasanya mereka buat laporan macam ini dan bagi company telefon tu lepas tu siap dah.
A:Maksudnya macam apa- apa pun tak berlaku.

God bless us...


过日子,开心就好! ^^

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Love Story

This is one of the best song I have heard in a while...Just thought I want to share it with you all. Hope you guys enjoy it.
Love story by Taylor Swift

Another day in GH

Huhuhu, today drove to work in a semi conscious state(again). Seems like i have officially become a bat as I am super duper sleepy during day time while hyperactive during night time. On the way to GH, went pass SM Jalan Residensi. This is a kinda special place for me, as it was the location for my one and only camp involvement beyond school activities. Kinda missed the camp with all the activities. But then again, i couldn't really enjoyed the camp that much at the time as I severely lacked social skills. Making good friends in 3 days is so difficult. ~.~

When I reached the accident and emergency department, the other groups of student was already there. I was like ,' oh shit!', cause we were just complained by Dr Khor yesterday for making the A & E too crowded. lolz. But then again, the more the merrier ma. Its considered a rather busy day in the department this morning comparing to the other days, which means more chance to do some useful jobs.(instead of growing mushrooms all over. I think I am totally 'mushroomed' after a week there) Poke and prick and poke and prick. Super nice. WEEEEEEE

After that, went to clerk a patient for my report. It was quite an odd feeling as it was in chinese. Somehow, I have a feeling that the patient mistook me for the doctor. haha. All went well, and hopefully the report will be out by the time my gang reaches home. Then it will be time for ROSE ONLINE again. haha. Missed out lunch with Gab as timing was not good. Too bad la cendui, next time ba!


Sometimes, life can be so very difficult. Everyday, no matter what we do, we are handed the task of making decisions. From things as trivial as what are we going to eat, to bigger issues that can totally alter the path of our lives. Choices are made based on what we have experienced, what we have been educated about. We make choices that we 'think' are right. Sad to say, sometimes they aren't, and you might just end up rubbing more salt on a fresh bleeding wound.

Making decisions can be really hard. This is mainly due to the fact that we are all afraid of change. From the small things, like changing to eat outside campus instead of the same old roti canai in the cafe to bigger things like changing a job that you have been doing for the past 5 or 10 years, or maybe changing a career. Changes disrupts familiarity, which gives us a sense of security. This is where our fear of change comes from. However, given time, most people would be able to adapt to changes, molding what they have to what they want. Sometimes, compromise is needed.

At certain conditions, decisions might not be made base on logic at all. We tend to rely on intuitions occasionally. This kind of decision will bring you down a route which you might not have imagine before. You might end up getting a windfall out of the blue OR you might have the biggest fall of your life.' With greater risk comes greater rewards', some might argue. But the other way is true as well,' with greater risk comes greater punishments'. So, before making any decisions, think carefully. Trust your own judgment and be confident.