Friday, April 3, 2009

Exams, here we go again...

Its the time of the year again when everyone is busy facing their end of semester examinations. In my coursemate's case, their Professional exams. I've had my 2nd Pro exam as we called it last year. This year, my juniors that are undertaking the exam are facing a different kind of challenge as the way the exam is conducted is changed. Basically, I would say that the change is for the worst as it reduces the clinical experience for my juniors. Anyway, we'll leave that to just that.

For those taking the Professional II exam this year, basically they have 3 papers. 1st the short essay question, then the clinical OSCE and finally the data interpretation. Unfortunately, there seems to be some favouratism in our campus as some people has so called 'answer scheme' for the examinations. According to some source, they say that there is at least 17 questions of short essay question that came out from the scheme. For the data interpretation, we are given slides of data and asked to analyze them. Some of the students have memorize the answer so well that even before the question is given, they have done the answer. Imagine that!

Sigh, what can we say? The world that we are in obviously is unfair. This is just a prove of it. The most reliable people are still ourselves. Study hard, and we can still excelled without the 'illegal' help.

To all those taking exam soon, good luck!