Saturday, December 6, 2008

With great profession comes great responsibility...

Lately, my group had organized a program for residents in Kelantan who suffer from diabetes mellitus. From the hospital database, we were able to gather the information of those diabetic patients and invite them to our function.

Organizing such an activity is kind of fun. You get the chance to learn and also service the community around you. However, there is something that I've come to notice during the course of the preparation of this activity.

Everyone only recognizes money!
We tried inviting several dietitian, cook and nurse to help in our function. I appreciate the help given by the nurse and the dietitian. BUT, for the cook...that where the problem comes. In my opinion, all professional personals should be, erm, professional. We work not only for money, but we are trying to service the community around us as well. The cook was from HUSM, and it was for an activity by USM students. From all my experience over the past 4 years, whenever we ask doctors for help, they do not ASK FOR MONEY, sometimes, they even sponsor us to help make the event better. However, the very first question that the cook ask us was simple and straight to point, ' I normally work for RM XXX for a session. How much do your group want to pay me?'

What the XXXX? I feel annoyed by this kind of attitude. It just makes me think that some people are just cheap to the bone. A person making so much money everyday, and he can't give a one hour cooking class to help diabetic patients without thinking about money. I have always thought that professionals should always do their best to help the community. These people seriusly disgust me. I'm sad to say that even thought there are people who care about others, a lot of us has become the slave of money. Everything we do, everything that we think of, is not far away from money.

This might be what we see on the outside. But the inside...

Is definitely like this!!!



Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finally, time to relax...

Ho ho ho, finally, sometime to relax. Its been almost 3 months since I last came back to Penang. I suddenly realize that I've missed home so much. Too bad I am currently home alone, for the day at least. Anyway, its really good to get away from all the hectic schedule once in a while^^

Currently, I have been in the O & G posting. In this posting, each of us is required to at least conduct the delivery of 5 babies. Apart from that, we have on call session which lasts for 12 hours, and we need to go to class after that. Imagine attending to patients from 6pm to 6am, then go to ward rounds at 8am. But I guess, this is just the beginning. Things will just change from bad to worst. Who can I blame? After all, it was me who chose to get into this field. So, the only thing possible at the moment is to enjoy what I am doing.

At the first day of my on-call session, I've been observing how the housemen and MOs conduct the deliveries. On first glance, I was like ' what the hell?!'. I've seen video's of the process, but it's so much different seeing it first hand. There were blood and also the smell of it. Then there was the mother who was in agony. However, when the babies are finally delivered, the mother face would turn into a broad ,wide grin. What I've learn from the deliveries is that the level of pain that is bearable for each person is so much different. Most of the mothers will be able to deliver their babies without much trouble. However, a handful of the patients was shouting their lungs out. Worst of all, this patients tends to be uncooperative because of the pain and sometimes cause serius complications on themselves such as perineal tear and also prolonged labour.

Apart from the on-calls, this posting is notoriusly known for the amount of students failing. In the previous group, 1 out of every 3 student failed the end of posting exam. Imagine what a shock it was to us! So, everyone is currently having the stress of their lifetime. You can see 'panda' marching around in the wards everyday due to the lack of sleep to study as well as the irregular sleep-wake cycle. haha

It seems like this is going to be a tough posting, but hopefully everyone make it through in one piece. haha. We will be celebrating our new year with an exam it seems^^