Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Medical books purchase

I have decided to buy some medical books, but it seems that purchasing in bulk will be cheaper. Therefore, I will be trying to take orders for all the medical books and I will get the lowest possible price for you guys. Anyone interested please call me at 0174870998 or leave a message here. Any books that you want to know the price please send the names to me. Below are the price of some of the books:

Rang and Dale pharmacology RM135
Clinical assesment for clinical medicine RM43
Little book of causes RM15
Lecture notes on Ear, Nose and Throat RM 85
Lecture notes on Opthalmology RM 85
Illustrated colour text of Ear, Nose and Throat RM 58
Illustrated colour text of Opthalmology RM 58
Sarawak Emergency handbook RM 29
Mackey clinical dermatology RM 95
Manipal surgery RM 70
Bailey and Love surgery RM 160
Pediatric (sunflower) RM 115

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Its over!

This is the first entry that I have had since the dreaded final exam which ended last Sunday. Yes, you heard that right, SUNDAY. In this place called Kelantan, people prefer working on Sundays instead of Friday's as they have a certain appointment at noon. This is really something that I found quite distasteful as the thought of studying on Sunday kinda disgust me.:p
Anyway, after 6 weeks of exile in the 'Bookara desert', its finally time for some rest and peace. To be honest, there is too much time and too little things to do currently.^^

I am currently still in the campus waiting for the result to be announce tomorrow afternoon. Here, instead of checking the results online or through the phone, we have a system of announcing the names of those who pass in the final exams both for the medical students and also the dental students. In the 5 years of studies, there are a total of 3 final exams in my university. One each in the first, third and final year. If somehow you failed the exam, you will be doomed to repeat another year of the same thing. And if you are 'lucky' enough and failed twice, you'll be shown the door. The result for this years other 2 finals have already been out last month, with the final year students scoring a 100% passing rate. On the other hand, the first years also made so historic contribution, contributing a total of 82 students in the dental and medic course add together who failed and also 8 who had failed twice. This is the first time in the 3 years that I have been here that I've actually seen people leaving in such circumstances. It is really unfortunate that this things happen. The most shocking thing is that the Malay guys in the first year dental course is almost wipe out. Only one of them is left in the 2nd year to be dental course. Talk about 'last man standing'. I can only hope that tomorrow's announcement will be good news for all of us in the 3rd year.

For the last 3 days, I have been doing nothing but eat, sleep and watch movies. Only now I notice that having nothing to do is actually hellish. Most of my friends around have gone back with most going back tomorrow and the day after. By Friday, this place is going to be left with only 2nd year students who are taking their end of semester exam next week(all the best guys!and girls!) So now, I am in BOREDia...haih. Nevertheless, its really good to have all the time of the world. And with the Champions League final tonight, I will have something to look forward to. :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Its here! Holy crap...

Oh my gawd! in less than an hour, I will be marching to the examination hall for my final exam. Can start to feel my pulse racing, and head spinning already. Oh my oh my....Sure need lots and lots of luck for this one. Yikes!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Okay, exams getting closer and as usual, the tips are coming thick and fast. I will post the cases that are said to be in the wards currently or heard to be in the wards. You guys decide what you want to do.

liver abcess,diabetic foot, placenta previa, normal pregnancy,multiple pregnancy(twins),acoustic neuroma,Diabetis Mellitus, facial nerve palsy, hip joint examination(OSCE)

UPDATED: Malaria, thalassemia, schizophrenia, renal failure, hypertension, stroke

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cat, mouse and the other mouse

<-Come my mousey friend, I'll give you a lift.

Cats and mice are universal enemies as far as we know, since textbook in primary school and kindergarten says so. According to Chinese believe, it was due to the mouse's betrayal when they were racing to get a place in the Chinese zodiac. However, have you ever seen a cat being friendly with a mouse?

'Come my dear mousey,let me hug you,'

The cat and the other mouse

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Its not fair!

A little something to share. Calvin and Hobbes. A cute comic strip which I saw while surfing the net. Especially like the middle one where the father says this 'The world isn't fair, Calvin'. How true is that? However, most people won't care that the world is not fair. It doesn't matter. People are like Calvin when he says 'I know. But why isn't it ever unfair in my favour?' Makes me think of the health science faculty friends...

'why can't we(medic and dental students) have 2 months' holiday? You guys(health science) can,'

The nuclear effect

<-------A nuclear explosion. KABOOM!
Recently, I've been to a talk, or rather a short briefing about the nuclear effect to us and also the environment. It was actually a briefing for a exhibition in July as I was one of the few students from our campus who volunteered to be the facilitators for the exhibition entitled 'From a Culture of Violence to a Culture of Peace: Transforming the Human Spirit'. To be honest, it was really an interesting topic that I think everyone should think about.

In this age of technologies, everything we used are helped by high-tech gadgets. The gadgets evolve in a flash, for example, we used to walk in order to travel, but now, instead of walking, we have a variety of options for us to choose. From the fat-burning bicycle to the spectrum of four-wheeled drive to the airplanes. While all this technologies are made to make life easier for the human kind, there is other research which threatens to wipe it all out of the face of earth-the nuclear research. The nuclear research has been done for a few decades already, with the effect fully understood by the Japanese(since they took 2 atomic bombs and tasted it first hand, God bless those innocent people!). It caused such a great loss and the effects are long-standing. Even till now, the effects are seen. The instant destruction, the radioactive effect, this are all endangering the civilization of mother earth.

A crater caused by a nuclear explosion. The earth will soon have the surface of the moon if more of these craters are formed...---------->
Personally, I feel that funds from each of the countries should not be put into producing this weapons of mass destruction. They shouldn't even fund those research. The process of forming this weapons only disrupts the harmony of other countries. Other countries will feel threaten and they will then try to produce weapons of their own to. If only people can settle their difference through civilized talk and discussion, we wouldn't even need bow and arrow. Instead, funds should be channeled into helping the poor and unfortunate people. From the information from the talk, as many as 800 million people in the developing world and at least 24 million people in developed and transition economies do not have enough food. Now that sounds more like a place where funds should be channeled, right?

Everyone of us hope to lead a happy life, a comfortable life. We need shelter, water to drink, food to eat and air to breath. Everything else are just to make life more comfortable. But what does the nuclear bombs do?They destroy. They take life away. The nuclear research brings a lot of adverse effects to the environment. Even a nuclear test will harm the environment for long-term. The effects are not only on the surface of earth but also deep into it. Imagine stabbing a person just to test the sharpness of the knife, its definitely the same thing! Millions of people die in the world each year because of illness from polluted air and water.

All in all, we need to be aware of the nuclear effect. People are starting to awake. They are starting to realize the problem. Maybe soon, we might have some proper action on the nuclear effect...