Friday, December 25, 2009

X'mas eve

Its finally Christmas eve. Unfortunately for this year, Christmas drops on a Friday. Usually there would be a public holiday. However, with Friday being a weekend here in Kelantan, it seems we have one less public holiday for this year. Nevertheless, after yesterday' steamboat, I've followed up the Christmas celebration with another excellent dinner. After all, whats a celebration without a feast? haha.
Bread Master
Today's dinner was in the bread master cafe situated approximately 1km from KB mall where a freak accident occured recently. The cafe isn't especially outstanding from the outside, partly due to the old sign board where the color has already started to fade off. However, the food here is better than the looks of the shop to say the least.

Icy Larva-3/5
We started off with an appetizer, the Icy Larva. For this dish, it kinda new to me. Its actually served with an ice-cream and a red hot kopi O in a separate container. To be honest, this dish is not only interesting in the look, but also the taste. I've never imagining adding ice-cream to kopi O, and I've never thought it would taste good. haha
UFO Toast with Ham and Cheese- 3.5/5
This is also one of the nice appetizer that we ordered on the day. The ham and cheese is separated in 2 compartments of the bread. Mixed with the vegetables, its taste is excellent. Too bad the price makes it less worthwhile though.
Oriental Sauce Chicken Chop-4.5/5
This is one of the main course of the night. Chicken chop seems to be one of the most common and most popular choice of food in Kelantan. There's various shops selling different kind of chicken chop, but I have to say, this is one of the best. Not only is the piece of meat large, it doesn't consist mostly of the flour used to cover the meat. The sauce is sweet and the garlic bread is excellent!

Bread Soup- 3/5
This is a dish that is one of its kind. Instead of using fruits or vegetable(wintermelon) as the container of the soup, they used the bread. Mushroom soup inside a well baked bread. Too bad the bottom of the bread is too thick. But then again, a thin one would have leaked all the soup.
Fresh Frozen Cheese Cake- 4/5
Last but not least is the cheese cake. This cheese cake has a layer of biscuit under it topped with a thick layer of pure cheese. Excellent for cheese lovers.

Well, thats about it for the Christmas eve dinner I guess. Hopefully on Christmas day itself there will be better things ahead. Merry X'mas and a happy new year to all!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

New fish tank

Woohoo...after taking a long holiday from rearing fishes, I've finally made a come back! haha. After seeing a nice fish tank of my friend's, I've gone to the shop to make my purchase of a new tank and also the fishies. 3 new guppy and 3 barbs. All in all, I guess I am still a kid deep down, being all excited with the fishes. Hehe. Hopefully will keep my motivated to sit down and study...XD

Steamboat at LX

Another holiday beckons, and yes, a gathering finally! We had a first steamboat for sometime. There was quite a good turn out with a total of around 17 people. Too bad we hadn't played any games, if not, it would have been super interesting. But then again, its not like this is the last time anything of sorts will happen....XD I had a great time, and I hope everyone else did too....Weee~

The teams- Cooking team and Clean-up Crews

Growing up ain't that much fun

Recently, I have had to hand in a form which has a very big influence over my future 'well-being'. The form contains the location that I am applying for my housemenship training after graduation. Without much hesitation, I've decided that I want to be posted in either Penang island/mainland/Sg. Petani. Its not like I have a choice anyway. If not, the 3 choices would have been Penang Island x3.

To be honest, certain things are really troubling me. From the final final exam of my undergraduate programme(hopefully?), to the future work and work place. Final exams are always a headache for me, as I have not really enjoyed the things that I have been taking since I have left mathematics. Its just so very difficult for me to memorize things.(or maybe I guess I am just lazy?) Deep down, I know I have been panicking as I have just turned myself completely away from studying lately, putting my leg completely off the pedal. I have to pull myself back together and walk this last walk confidently, but it seems I need some extra motivation which have been lacking in my study.

Working in hospitals, as a doctor, seems so unlike what I've hoped for in my life. Yes, being a doctor is a sacred job. But, it is also a scary job. There can't be another job that is as delicate as handling a patient's life and death. Every decision you make counts, every second counts. One wrong move, and 'puff', your patient's gone knocking on heaven's door(or hell maybe?) Nevertheless, its not this that worries me. Instead, it is the long working hours that will threaten what I have always wanted- my freedom. I love my control of myself, my time, my activity. But then, once work starts, there's a total lack of control over my life. Sigh...

Its obviously hard to be a grown-up, but then again, its not easy growing up either....

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy birthday XD

Haha...Another fun 'yamcha' session which included the birthday celebration of our long time member SL. Hope she'll have a good year ahead. hahaha

Lately, thursday have really been worth looking forward to.With the weekly yamcha session on thursday night, its just plenty of fun. Too bad HN wasnt here this week. Hopefully there's gonna be another session the following week. Wonder if there will be a bowling session as well?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Missing paper

Seems like all good things comes to an end.
Instead of happily getting my marks for the end posting exam for the O&G posting,
I get a message by the academic office saying,
'sorry, but we have misplaced your paper,
so, now we don't have your result.
You might need to resit the paper.'
What the heck?
An apex university and they can't even keep a piece of paper safe...swt...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009



Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pet hamster...

Its raining season in Kelantan now, and most of the time i have is either spent in my room... The lack of human contact apart from with my roomate is making me seriously considering getting a pet hamster. Nevertheless, it seems to get some objection from my parents as I had a bit of a problem with animal fur when I was young. With my finals exam coming in exactly 119 days more, I can really do well with a company for studies. Imagine having a hamster running on a wheel in front of you while you studying, its kinda fun...n maybe teaching some tricks to it when i'm free(i doubt anyone does that). well, the thing that caught my attention is that hamster basically are stupid...Yes, stupid, and that kinda reduces the chances of it getting on my nerve. But then again, if it ever does getting on my nerve, I am practically less than a fling away from my window...hoho.
Aren't they just adorable?--------->Hope I can get to find some small cage soon, then off i go to a pet shop for one of those hamsters. But then again, I have no idea as to how to take of them just yet...Any suggestions? Or maybe I should just head over to Yikoko's blog and feed his online hamster?