Saturday, July 12, 2008

Inside info

The results for the appealing of hostel places are going to be announced on the 20th of July. All we can do for now is to wait for it patiently. I have been keeping my eyes open for every piece of information i can get around the campus and also went to confirm some of the informations. Here's what I found:
1. A lot of first year students get double rooms.
2. Even though we were told that we were selected according to the merit points, it seems some of the occupants in the Murni hostel weren't active at all. Even vice-presidents of a club is said to be not active enough to get a place in the hostels.
3. I was told that those who represents the hostels for sports are given priority. On the other hand, taking part in activities representing USMKK means nothing. So don't bother to participate as the columns in the forms doesn't even allow u to fill in those activities.
4. For Murni girls, second year students were mostly given double room but the third years girls have to cramp in triple rooms.
5. The Murni office told us that they have to move people out of Murni as there were no more places to stay, but from what I found out, there were people moving in from Nurani and as far as I am concern, those people are less active than most other that were forced out.
6. The office said that the UPPU was poorly prepared due to a problem from the contractors.
7. Students whose names were not inserted in the list to stay in desa got double rooms after going to see Kak Syikin. One of which I know about was a student who failed the finals and came back for another course.
8. There are rumours that there is first year students who got a single room.
9. According to some source, the list for the hostel was changed in the last minute. There are also sources saying that Murni originally have to move 30 students out of Murni only. But due to some certain personal decisions, it became 90. The lateness of the announcement of the list was also said to be due to someone coming late for a meeting.
10. According to the HEP, the rental per day for UPPU is RM3.50. I got a list from the Campus's treasury for the rental fees, and it seems that single rooms cost RM3.10 for the rental.

So, what do you think?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

University Poorly Prepared Unit (UPPU)

New updates on the hostel issue:
It has been said that students who were not getting the offer from the desasiswa originally had asked for a room. Within one day, they were given a DOUBLE room in DM2. And what do they tell us? "There's not enough room for student."
There are also people saying that currently DM2 is not fully occupied. Students who have either transfer away from this campus or did not apply for hostel had also been included in the name list for the hostel in murni, causing some people to have empty space in their room. From reliable source, in desasiswa murni, a lot of the first year students got double room as well as second year students for the girls. Most of these students are said to be inactive in school activities. On the other hand, students from third years are given TRIPLE room instead. The reason from our 'beloved' Kak again is "There is not enough room."
As for the reason for the lateness of the notice of the rooms that we are staying, it was said to be caused by someone arriving late for the meeting to finalized the name list. Again, it doesn't seem to be a good excuse does it? Something to do with the Kak again. As for the list, from what I have heard, someone in the murni office had changed the original name list at the last second, causing us to be kicked out. It is also believed that they only needed 30 over students to be moved to UPPU but somehow, 90 was moved. Currently, there is less than 30 students out of the 90 in the list staying in UPPU as most have move out. More are planning to leave the place as well.

Below is the photo of the UPPU campus:

This is our 'lovely' UPPU campus.( on the 1st and 2nd floor). They are so considerate that they put us on top of a market that sells clothing. Maybe USM students complaint that they have not enought shirt to wear. With all the people passing by, the security seems to be a real problem... And do you know what lies beside the hostel? Scroll down to have a look...

YES, THE MAIN ROAD. Imagine how you can concentrate on studying when there is a main road always full of traffic just a few metres away from where you stay. Furthermore, most of the time, there are Mat Rempit racing on this particular main road at night. Try studing or sleep with the roaring of the motorcycle. No wonder students failure rates at our campus are increasing, even the higher ups seems to be lacking a lot of fibers where it is important- pinky and the XXXXX...

And this is the place where we are suppose to sleep and keep our things... Imagine where you should put your laptop to keep it safe when you go to class. And try and find a space where we can put all our medical books and also the notes safely would'ya? Cause i can't seem to find the place. Who knows? Maybe its just me...USM seems to be serious when they say, ' be friendly to your neightbours'. I never thought that we have to be so intimate sleeping less than one metres apart.By standing up, I can see 15 other people and also their beds and cupboard...

Nevertheless, our hostel admins seems to be quite considerate also. They know that toilets are a neccesity, so , they prepare toilets for use. Erm, just that there's a weee~ bit of problem. 48 person to share 2 toilets...Hmm, should we go to the toilet 3 person at a time? I wonder... If I want to get to class at 8am, I think I should use the toilet before 7am, just to be safe that I am not caught in the traffic jam for work in front of the toilet...

Here's the study room they prepared for us. Noticed anything? There's 2 rows of table, one row on each side. Wonder what will happen when one people sit on each side. I think I need to be as thin as a file to get through. Maybe I'm just too fat, who knows?
There seems to be a no windows for the place too. If you can't afford to pay for a sauna, just invite a few friends, then get a chair and sit down together in this study room. I think you'll get the experience of being in the sauna, and for FREE too!

Actually, apart from the lack of space, few toilets, low security, low personal space, noisy surrounding, poor ventilation, the place isn't too bad after all! Maybe this place could actually be a good place to stay! What do you think?

Wei Ming, seriously, think properly before you chose to come back to this place to further your studies in masters...

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Today, we have all checked in to our own new rooms. One of the senior student here tried to ask for an explanation for the distribution of the hostel, and guess what, the Kak was so bossy that she gave an ignorant answer arrogantly. Here's the conversation:

"Er, excuse me Kak, can I know the selection criteria of how the students are selected for the hostels?"
"Its chosen by merit according to the activities,"
"How come there are people who are vice presidents given the out campus hostels?"
"I don't know."
"Why are so many people given out campus hostels instead?"
"I don't know."
"Why are we final years given quarter rooms?"
"I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. Even if I know, I won't tell you. This is not a good time to ask questions. "

This is a conversation of the Kak with another student.

"Kak, boleh tak tukarkan saya ke double room? Dulu Kak pernah cakap saya boleh dapat double room."
"Ada ke? Kamu mesti bagi nama masa saya sibuk. Tak boleh."
"Tak adalah Kak, masa tu kak masih tulis nama saya sendiri."
"I say no. No means no. Read my lips, NO. If I start changing room for you now, the others will want to change also. This is not the time."

Well, that's how admins talk I guess. With PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. We had a Lingam with his 'correct, correct, correct', seems like we have our own kak with 'I duno, I duno, I duno'. Long live Kak DUNO!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Our campus has been giving us a 'gift' for the new year, instead of the normal rooms, we have been given a dorm now. 60 people sharing a floor of shop lot opposite the front of HUSM. SHOP LOTS mind you, which aren't suppose to be used for housing purpose also. Imagine that, a local university, forcing their students to stay in a so-called 'hostel' that is not even abiding the laws. There is no proper plan for evacuation in case of emergency. The corridors are so small that one can pass through at each time. Furthermore, our hostel admins are all cowards. Due to the probability of people appealing and complaining, they didn't dare to put out the lists of where the students are staying until the 2nd last day, just before the office hours end, they put it out. It is said that this was done to ensure that students won't have enough time to complain to the managing office. Normally, keys would be distributed on a Friday before the start of the new semesters. This year, we have to get it on a Saturday morning. A lot of people who arrived on Friday were forced to somehow find places to stay as they did not have a room to stay in. This caused many of us students to have to stay in hotels and it cost us a lot of money. About the dorm, the admins were suspiciously selective on their choice for staying at the poorly prepared dorm. Among the listed 90 people going to stay in the dorm, there is more than 57 of them that are non-malays, which indicates that there is something more to it. Non-malays living in the Murni hostel is not even 40% of the total occupants of the Murni hostels, but yet, we manage to get more than 50% of the place in the 'high-class dorm'. Skin colour looks to be one of the criteria of the choice of students living in the better facilitated hostels. For the 3rd and 4th year medical students in Murni, there is only one non-malays left in the Murni hostels. Is this what they call transparency and fair?

We demand to know what is the criteria of selection for the Murni hostels and also why each of us are not given a place in the in-campus hostels as some of us surely have a better record in the co-curriculum activities. We also want to know what is the reason the notice as to which hostel we were to be given was out only 2 days before the beginning of the new semester, causing students to be unable to get a good rest before the start of the new semester due to the rushing the day before. It is also a concerned as to why the notice was able to be released earlier in the years before but not this year. Unless this questions are given a proper answer, we all deeply feel that USMKK DESASISWA MURNI admins are not treating us fairly. To those who have seen this post, please ask others to see and post a comen as a show of support... TQ