Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kempen memboikot bahasa pinjaman….

Here's what my friend sent me in msn...

Kempen memboikot bahasa pinjaman….
Memandangkan pelbagai pihak telah menganjurkan kempen memboikot produk AS, kami pun ingin mengambil peluang ini untuk memboikot kata-kata pinjaman dari Bahasa Inggeris….
1) lampu (lamp) à benda yang bernyala mengeluarkan cahaya
Contoh ayat : Adik, pergi tutup benda yang bernyala mengeluarkan cahaya itu.
2) basikal (bicycle) à kenderaan yang beroda dua yang bergerak dengan berkayuh
Contoh ayat : Ahmad menunggang kenderaan yang beroda dua yang bergerak dengan berkayuh ke sekolah setiap hari.
3) motorsikal (motorcycle) à kenderaan beroda dua yang bergerak selepas mengisi minyak
Contoh ayat : Rizal menunggang kenderaan beroda dua yang bergerak selepas mengisi minyak pergi bekerja setiap hari.
4) telefon (telephone) à benda yang membolehkan seseorang bercakap dengan seseorang lagi jarak jauh
Contoh ayat : Saya dikejutkan oleh bunyi deringan benda yang membolehkan seorang bercakap dengan seseorang lagi jarak jauh.
5) tomato (tomato) à sejenis sayur yang berwarna oren dan kaya dengan vitamin C
Contoh ayat : Adik saya suka makan sejenis sayur yang berwarna oren dan kaya dengan vitamin C.
6) kopi (coffee) à sejenis minuman yang berwarna hitam yang pahit
Contoh ayat : Ayah minum sejenis minuman yang berwarna hitam yang pahit sebelum pergi bekerja.
7) Epal (apple) à sejenis buah yang berwarna bulat yang berwarna merah atau hijau
Contoh ayat : Emak kata makan sejenis buah yang berwarna bulat yang berwarna merah atau hijau baik untuk kesihatan.
8) Pen (pen) à benda yang panjang dengan hujung tajam yang digunakan untuk menulis
Contoh ayat: Benda yang panjang dengan hujung tajam yang digunakan untuk menulis saya itu telah kehabisan dakwat.
9) Komputer (computer) à benda yang macam kotak yang banyak kegunaannya dan……..
Haiz! Tak tau la.. SUSAH la…… lebih baik saya tidur daripada membazir masa buat kerja bodoh ini….

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 things about me...

1. I'm feeling very guilty for the way i use to feel in my log book, which is to be as sly as posible. But hey, its the only way to survive.
2.My roomates gonna be away for the next two weeks, so, its gonna be awkward as I'll have to practice talking to myself.
3.I use my head in volleyball games and leg sometimes but I seldom use my hand.
4.I'm a super lazy dude always settling issues in the very last minutes.
5.I'm practically a bat as I am almost always awake for the whole night and then sleepy in the afternoons.
6. My room is very messy with all the books stacking here and there along with the dusts.
7. I'm a great fan of books- I buy plenty of them and keep them new by not reading them!
8.I feel that watching political news in Malaysia is a good past time, with all the twist and turn, sex, violence and suspense! Bad news is, the bad guys always wins.
9.I'm especially short-tempered when someone wakes me up from sleep and ask me to do something. The first thing I'll do is tear the guy/gal apart.
10.I think failing a posting in my 4th academic year is good in a sense that there will be an extra week of holiday at the end of semester.(2 weeks for remedial instead of 3-4 weeks of elective)
11.I like sushi so much that I dun mind eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a whole week.
12.Football is one of my favourite sports as I can wait in front of the goal to touch the ball in and appear to be useful.
13.I have only attended my co-curiculum(badminton) twice in my 4th year. Instead, I have gone to play badminton myself quite a few times. I like badminton, I juz dun like attending co-curiculum.
14.Raining season is the best of all season, except when it starts raining when I hang my clothes out to dry.
15.I'm a hypocrite, I hate other people doing certain things but I'll do it myself anyway.
16.Tomorow is the best day of the week as tomorow never comes!
17.Playing piano is one of my hobby but I suck at it.
18.I am looking forward of graduating soon but am having nightmares of having to do housemanship.
19.I like DOTA when I pawn others but hates it when I get myself owned.
20. Never let me c Axe with 4 stout shield in DOTA or I run amok.
21.I have trouble saving money as I tend to overspend.
22.My memories are very limited. I can't even remember my password sometimes!
23.I'm hoping to reduce my weight, yet I'm eating more than before.
24.I'm extremely afraid of heights, so never force my to take the space shot ride in Genting coz most prob I wont be able to come down.
25.I dun enjoy drinking wine yet I drink it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Life's a long long journey,
everyday, we are rushing here and there,
working, studying,
trying to live our lives.
Sometimes, we focus too much on certain things,
so much so that we neglected the beautiful things beside us.
Like the beautiful scenery,
the perfect weather,
and most importantly
the wonderful people that has been around us.
Someone once said,
'the people you love will some day leave you for another place,'
'that is why, you have to treasure every minute you have with ur love ones.'
How very true is tat?
So, no matter how busy we are,
how frustrating things are going sometimes,
we should stop for a moment,
and take a little bit of time,
to look around us,
appreciate God's creation,
and tell the person you love how you feel...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Day

Its 14 of February again. Too bad me and my girlfriend are stuck in our own rooms, watching the horribly large stack of notes in order to prepare for the exams that are creeping up behind us. Haih, the life of a student sure are full of them.

Valentine's day. Its a memorable day where couples and maybe close friends get together and buy some gifts like chocolates, flowers and such for each other. However, in my opinion, the happiest person during Valentines day are not the lovers and any couples.

Its the owner of the gift shops!!!haha

Normally business should already be good for these gift shops as birthdays, farewell, and other occasions are all around the year. However, during Valentine's day, its even better as not only the demand goes up, the prices follows as well. So, their profit not only doubled but maybe four times better!

Gifts are so expensive during the Valentine period. Example, this teddy bear bouquet will cost around Rm50 per bouquet. Imagine those boy friends who send a bouquet of 99 teddies to their girl friends. Its almost Rm1000!! I bet she will be even happier if the guy juz gave her the money with a Valentine card saying,
'Love you dear. As buying all those teddies and flower are so lame, I decided to give you a check of rm1000 to spend on anything you wan. Happy Valentine.'

Rose are among the commonest things given to girls during Valentine day as well. During the normal periods, its juz around Rm5 per rose. However, the price will be upped more than double to Rm12 per rose during Valentine's day. Gosh, I sure hoped that I had a garden of roses!!

I'm sure after Valentine, all the gift shop owners will be as looking like lil kitteh over here...

Then again, this is such a nice festive for couples that they dun mind spending a bit for their love ones. Its juz once a year anyway, minus the birthday, minus the anniversary, minus the other small small

Happy Valentines all!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Weird projects

Since gaining the status of apex university, our campus have been having a lot of projects coming up eg: the building of new(er) HEP building juz beside the (new)current HEP building.Its just beside the Murni hostels where the old HEP building is. And also there is the new sports complex, the new opthalmology clinic and the new labs near the golf course. Those are the big projects the campus has implement in order to reach the Apex university standard as proposed. What I don't understand is, there are sometimes done in the campus that is quite odd. What is it? Erm, lets say removing the tiles from the TV room, then clean it, and put it back. Removing all the routers for a few months causing the connection to drop significantly and then currently on the process of placing routers back. And removing the bricks of the pavement at the motor park, then placing them back and paint them in a different colour.

I aren't really sure, but are they trying to make things stay the way they are by spending a large amount of money?

Welcome to my world

Coming in to February, our campus has been giving a ward welcome to the 2nd batch of pharmacy final year students. I think this should be the 1st week most of them have been to Kelantan.

Over the week, there has been times where a group of unfamiliar faces walking by, sometimes chatting excitedly all the way. Most of them are super excited with this new experience in my opinion. haha. Quite the opposite of what I feel I should say. Coming over to the health campus wasn't exactly the university life that I have hoped for. Everyone keep on reminding me that I should be thankful for the course that i hv been offered all the time. And i think i do to, with meritocracy system not really being that meritocratic. Its more to our colour that the choice of the course is given. Kinda thankful for those tan while playing football during the final few years of secondary school life. haha

Anyway, i really wonder what others opinion of our campus is, especially for those who have been studying in a more well equipped campus than us. Its really a big change for them. From their coozy, comfy double room in main camp to the smelly, study-room converted 8 people room (There is of course the 'corner room' for the ladies in the desasiswa murni, so called as the triple room is as big as a corner in a cupboard. very different from corner lots!lol) , from the Urban city to the countryside, and from the big big super well equipped campus to our small ,secondary school like campus. Its a huge change for them. Well, can't know for sure until i talk to them about it i guess. haha.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Its come again, the end of posting exams... Never is there a year when exam is so common. Its as common as public holidays already...

With the help of my friend, I was able to attain a new source of internet connection. Celcom broadband. Wakaka. But then again, paying Rm68 every is not the best solution. Anyway, being able to come online again writing blogs and reading news is so very exciting. Seriously, I'm starting to feel that I have psychiatric problems edi coz I juz feel that this world is so not fair all the time...

Anyhow, although i have gotten myself a connection, I dun really have the chance to really enjoyed it yet. With the upcoming paediatric end of posting exam, allegedly the most stressful posting of the year, my attention have been forced out of the internet. Gonna have to lock my self in my room n keep myself on the table with all the books minus the games. So sad... Wonder who told me that after I drag my lazy me into universiti life will be better... This is so not true. Stressful years are ahead and the good old days seems like a distant memory. Watever la, the die is cast and there seems to be no return. I might as well pull my sorry a** back to the desk and study.(was lying on bed,haha)