Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Apex can be the tip of an A, or the tip of a V...

Our beloved USM has recently been given a glamorous name- the Apex University. And they are really enjoying this title as they have finally moved out of the shadows cast by UM(they think!!)

I have been here in the USM health campus for 4 years already, and things does not seem to be as 'heavenly' as people think. Lets put it this way, instead of turning to the best, sometimes, things are sometimes,erm, moving backwards. The most typical issue being the hostel issue that I've been very annoyed on since the beginning of the current semester.

The number of students entering USM have always been on the rise. From three hundred over medical and dental students to four hundred over last year. This year, there is even more. Our campus administrative is aware of this problem. However, they have not been handling the issues properly. They fail to notify students about staying outside and also the condition of the hostels that they are preparing. (If you are interested to see the premises prepared, please refer to the earlier posts. If you want more photos, tell me and I will get you Even worst was the way students was selected to stay at the out-campus hostels(more like a dorm dude!!). They say it was selected base on co-curiculums, but proves has shown otherwise.

Another sign of decline is the campus' inability to hold on to their prized lecturers. When I first came, our physiology department have a few of the best lecturers I have ever seen. Nevertheless, in 2 years time, they are all gone. Even doctors in other departments left gradually. The latest person to leave from my knowledge in a Professor in microbiology who help in developing Thyphidot.(Used to diagnose typhoid) Rumours has it that all this comes from favourtism. Who knows?

One more thing. FOOD is a source of life, right? No matter what you do, you need food. However, in the past bulan Ramadhan, our canteen in one of the hostels decided that we need no food and should buka puasa after a month of fasting...continuous fasting man! There weren't food for breakfast, lunch nor dinner.

There will be an assessment on each of the USM campus soon, and what our lecturers tells us is this, " If there is something that is even a bit not that good, don't tell; but if there is something that is even a bit good, say its' VERY good". This is your Apex University...

Oops, I'm back^^

Hello all, sorry for being away for such a long long time, had a fair share of problems myself. Well, those are not really big problems considering our country's condition. With the fair share of spot light on the internal security act and also Answar's attempts to take control of the government, we also have a 'hero' in Ahmad Ismail who likes to talk using his 'knee-jerk' as our Dr. Rosemi says. Currently, certain leader's likes to make racist comments in order to gain popularity amongst their race. This is such an ignorant thing to do. As far as I am concern, BN is being torn apart by this knee-jerker's.

Enough on those serius issues, lets move to something lighter.For those anime fans, Code Geass season 2 have recently ended. Anime lovers, I seriously recommend you guys take a look at this anime. Its a continuation on the first season.(obviously,duh!) It has the combination of the famous breath taking, deductive death note as well as the ever popular gundam. The story is about a main character Lelouch who is the prince of Brittania but vows to take down the Holy Empire of Brittania via his other identity-Zero. With the help of his geass, the ability to make others absolutely obeys him, he soon finds himself commanding an army of rebellion ready to take on Brittanian army.

Death note

Added with Gundam

We get Code Geass!!
Apart from Code Geass, Heroes season 3 is also out with Peter Petrelli leading the way. House season 5 , Prison break season 4 is also something to look out for. So, that's it for my returning blog, hope to warm up soon and produce better blog's^^