Thursday, November 5, 2009

Unfortunate event

Today is really a miserable day. After fetching my sis who came to visit Kelantan to breakfast, we noticed that when we gone back to the car, the glass on the backdoor was broken, and my bag was stolen. Ironically, i remembered to ask my sister to bring her bag out of the car, I forgotten my own. Although this is the first time this thing happened to me, but it has happened numerous time at that particular place already. Sad to say, our local enforcer seems to be incapable to do anything about it. From this, I not only have to replace the glass and also tint it, I also lost my lab coat, pen torch, stethoscope, and one of my book. All in all, a lost of at least Rm500 is expected. Really is a freaking miserable day....飞来横祸