Thursday, May 13, 2010

Neway is in town!

In Penang, almost all teenagers or those who loves karaoke will know the name 'Red-Box'. It was the most popular place to go for karaoke among youngsters like ourselves. Nevertheless, Neway has come to town! Red-Box has excellent rates and nice food, but the downside is its almost at the other end of the island. So, with Neway opening in Queensbay mall, me and SC decided to 'sacrifice' ourselves for the benefit of our friends and give it a try... :p
Main Entrance- This is the main entrance of the Neway karaoke center. It's located just opposite Golden Screen Cinema. There is no way you will miss it once you entered level 3. It used to be a multimedia center for Queensbay. Forgotten what was the name already. Well, I bought my HTC Touch Pro here, and now I have no idea where to send my phone if I need to have it serviced...haha

Receptions Counter- Even before entering Neway, you will be able to spot the counter as well as the crowd waiting in front of the center(if there's any...we went there on a weekday, so as expected, no need to wait for rooms). As far as I'm concerned, the receptionist are quite polite and attend to you as soon as you are in their sight. There is no need for a member card for reservation compared to Red-Box which needs you to have a member card which is applied for around RM50. You can make a call to make reservations for rooms too.
Rates- This was the rates written just outside of Neway. On paper, it looks to be cheaper than Red-Box. All those price are for 3 hours' time within the center. And BEWARE, beside all those price are not '.00'. Instead, those are '++'. Meaning its all written as RM28++ or RM18++ instead of RM28.00 or RM18.00.

Corridors- Basically, these is the corridors of Neway leading to each of the rooms. Well, the corridors are...erm...just Its design are more or less the same as Red-Box while the only obvious difference is the colour. Red for Red-box(duh!) and purple for Neway. The fella in the green shirt over there is SC...XD

Ticket- So once you tell the receptionist how many person you have, the receptionist will give you a ticket that looks something like this. For our case, since we went there at 3pm, we each were accounted for RM16++ for 3 hours which is till 6pm. RM16 isn't too bad a deal, with the inclusion of a meal(one dish, one drink), but the problem lies in the tit-bits. One bowl of tit-bits is RM11. Well, some would say, 'just say NO to the tit-bits!'. But here's the bad news-ITS COMPULSORY! Furthermore, if you look carefully, Neway also charge government tax and service tax amounting to 15% in total too. Bugger... >.< Booze collection- On our way to the room, we walk by a magnificent collection of liquor which was in display, notifying all the customers that they do serve alcohol. The liquor are all placed nicely into the display box and looks extremely tempting...

Buffet trays- Just opposite the liquor display is the room where all the food for the buffet is displayed. As we were there during the afternoon, no food was available there. But when we were leaving, we saw some of the food they prepared. The food looks to be quite nice to be honest. Too bad we forgotten to take some photos on it.

Menu 1- This is the menu where we pick out the free dish we want. Each person is subject to one of these only. If you do not want to eat, you can change your dish into a drink, which I think is absolutely not worth it...haha

Menu 2- This is the drink menu. On the most right page is the drinks that is given for free in the package. Other than that, there are hard liquor, beers, and also cocktails. The hard liquor's price is no joke, even the cheapest one has 3 digits to it... Beers have different prices during normal and peak hours. Its basically double the price during peak hours.

Menu 3
Menu 4
Menu 5
Menu 6
Drinks- These 2 are the drinks that me and SC ordered. The first one being Honey Lemon and the second one Apple Aloe. Both tasted nice and is quite refreshing, especially after singing to much...haha

Foods and Tit-bits- The first one is the Japanese Rainbow Roll, which I did not ordered... Somehow, the waiter mistaken my order and brought me this instead. I felt something was wrong but only until when I was writing this post did I know the waiter made a mistake....sigh. Whoever is thinking of ordering this as their dish, I would say DON'T!!! This dish is no where near nice. At least a mile's distance. lol. As for the second one, its the famous RM11 tit-bits. It's basically just crackers, and I think I can get it for less than RM2. Its obvious where their main revenue comes from. The last picture is the Tempura Platter. This, my friends, is one dish worthy to be ordered. Apart from the fish tempura, there is a piece of ebi tempura as well as fries. This has got to be considered when you want to place an order...XD

Internal Designs- These are the pictures taken from inside the karaoke rooms. Nothing much to say about it as its more or less the same compared to other karaoke centers.
Lock- One special feature here is that if you ordered for a VIP room, the room is kept safe from others with the help of the coded lock. Well, I think we most probably won't need it much, unless you are planning something really really weird or shouldn't be viewed publicly....XD

The receipt- Last but not least, the receipt we got after paying the bill. It shows clearly that we each had to pay RM16 per head and also the add on for the RM11 tit-bits as well as the 15% tax. So, it all amounted to a total of RM49.50. Well, it was a fun experience, so I think it was worth it. Anyway, gonna come again soon with plans coming up... So maybe if any of you are planning to go there, we might bump into each other there...haha. Till then, ciao!

Oh yeah, here's the contact for those of you who are interested to go^^ Have fun!